HU Dabai
Huanghe College of Science and Technology President of Huanghe College of Science and Technology

Brief Introduction

founder of the Huanghe College of Science and Technology, the first private four-year college in China.


Madam Hu is deputy to the Tenth National People's Congress and an expert enjoying the government allowance issued by the State Council. She concurrently serves as Chairman of the Supervision Conmmission of China's Private Education Association and Executive Director of the Private Education Association of Henan Province.
Madam Hu Dabai was originally a teacher at the Chinese Language and Literature Department of Zhengzhou University. In 1981 she was severely burnt while she was on a public errand. In 1984 she founded the Huanghe College of Science and Technology. In the past 30 years since its birth, the college, sticking to the principle of lightening the burden of the country, relieveing the worrries of the people and serving the country's socialist modernization construction, had cultivated for Henan Province over one hundred thousand students who were ready to go to the grass root places, active in contributing what they had learned and willing to stay where they were, thus saving the country's educational funds by billions.
Madam Hu Dabai's outstanding achievements in promoting education and her efforts in supporting social public welfare have earned her one after another praises and awards from Chinese government and a lot of honors and publicities by mass media. She has been cited one of China's Ten Outstanding Women ( in the third citation), National March 8th Red-Bannar Bearer, China's Model Citizen, China's Advanced University President, Henan's Model Laborer, Henan's Excellent Communist Party Member, one of the Ten News-Focused Persons of Henan Province, Moral Model of Henan Province and so on and so forth. She won the prize given to only 60 persons of the whole country who worked for 60 years in promoting China's education. She has been frequently interviewed by news reporters and her advanced deeds have been publicized by such important mass media as the People's Daily, the Guangming Daily, CCTV and so on.

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